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Are you trying to maintain a healthy weight?

Are you struggling with having a regular routine for physical activity?

Have you tried all you can to have a good relationship with food and it has been challenging?

HealthyYou Weight Management program is the best fit program to enroll in
Personalized nutrition plans

Personalized nutrition plans

Our experts will work with you to create a meal plan that suits your taste preferences, dietary restrictions, and weight loss goals.

Regular physical activity

Regular physical activity

We understand that physical activity is an important part of weight management, and so we will work with you to determine the activities that will work for you

Coaching and emotional support

Coaching and emotional support

Our coaches are not only knowledgeable in weight loss management but also empathetic and supportive to clients to having a healthy behavior with food.

HealthyYou weight management program

About Us

The HealthyYou weight management program is designed to effectively assist interested clients to manage their weight the right way and provide mentoring, and emotional support. This program offers one on one coaching as well as group sessions with a family physician, behavioural health expert to help you on your journey to achieving your best weight and a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The journey to a healthier body starts right now

A key component of any weight management program is a balanced and nutritious meal plan.
We will support you to develop a personalized eating plan that suits your lifestyle and dietary preferences

Shed the weight,
learn to love yourself

Changing your lifestyle with a fast paced life may seem hard or impossible, but with small steps each week you can achieve your best weight and live a healthier life.

Shed the weight, learn to love yourself
Understand the food your body needs

Understand the food your body needs

Just going to the gym and lifting weights won’t make you healthy, after all it may even cause some harm to your body. We teach proper exercise techniques

Track your progress weekly

  • We are tracking your weight.
  • physical activities.
  • meal plans and well being.
  • You may have the same body weight but feel 10x better.
Track your progress weekly
Follow a specific plan

Follow a specific plan made just for you

Everyone is different, and we know it. That is why all of our clients get a personalized program that will work for them to get the best possible results.

Free tips we are offering you.

The Ultimate Abs Tabata

The Ultimate Abs Tabata

Perfect Outdoor Workout

The Perfect Outdoor Workout

Back Day

Back Day

Don’t feel bad, your weight’s got a solution already.

When starting a weight loss journey, many people feel uncertain and afraid. They worry about the challenges they may face, such as difficulty of eating healthy or finding the motivation to exercise regularly. The fear of failure can also be overwhelming, with the possibility of not seeing any progress or gaining back the weight lost. Additionally, people may feel self-conscious about their body and worry about how others will perceive them. The fear of not achieving their goals can create anxiety and self-doubt, but it’s essential to remember that starting a weight loss journey is a personal choice and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. With the right mindset and support, one can overcome these fears and achieve success.

Sign up for our programs so we can support you. The classes will be customized just for you. It is about developing a routine that will work best for you.


Who can benefit from weight loss plan & nutrition?

Literally everyone. I’m currently helping people from 19 to 60+ years and perimenopausal women.



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