About Us

I am Dr. Wumi Iyaoromi, a family physician and family life practitioner with special interest in wellness and weight management.

I am delighted to be your guide and coach on your path to a healthy lifestyle (mentally, physically and socially). I will be sharing tips from my wealth of knowledge on weight management, perimenopausal weight gain, healthy living, mental wellness, managing stress and achieving a HealthyYou that you can be proud of.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our program provides a distinctive and holistic approach to weight loss specifically designed for perimenopausal women

Our Program

Our program focuses on helping women to understand their changing hormones and how to manage them, reduce cravings and give the tools and support they need to achieve their weight loss goals

Our Coaching

We provide personalized coaching, personalized nutritional and exercise plans and lifestyle guidance tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Our System

With our comprehensive system, you’ll develop lifelong, sustainable healthy habits with expert coaching and regular check-ins.

Our Team

Dr. Wumi Iyaoromi

CEO, drwumiwellness

My name is Wumi Iyaoromi, family physician with 24 years experience as a medical doctor, Currently practicing as a family physician in Canada.

I have supported my clients in achieving their best weight in the healthiest way.

My journey to helping people started with my personal experience with weight 23 years ago. Someone had told me I was looking big, I skipped meals and restricted to lose weight.

I developed dyspepsia and I started looking into healthier ways to manage my weight.

The frustrations and stigma around excess weight that people go through also motivated me to help people navigate through a holistic approach to weight management.

While achieving their best weight, clients have also had additional benefits such as having their Pre-diabetes and diabetes reversed, blood pressure controlled, arthritis pain significantly reduced, sleep apnea better controlled. Clients have also experienced more stable emotional and mental health and lots more.

Enem Iniobong

Mental Health Counsellor

Step into a space of empowerment and well-being with Emem Inibong, your trusted Mental Health Counsellor. Specializing in counseling support for children, youths, and families, Emem extends her expertise to guide you through a holistic weight management journey. Discover a balanced, healthy life with personalized psychological support. Embrace transformation; your mental and physical wellness matter.



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